Individuals and Groups

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Social Literacy Book F2

Following on from Unit F1 which introduced the concepts of learning and culture, his second unit of Series F examines the connections between individuals and human groups. The story of Robinson Crusoe is serialised through this book, as students investigate the ways in which Robinson, the lone individual, only survives with the cultural skills and beliefs that he has learnt. These happen to be quite different from the culture of the people who have lived in the region for as long as they can remember. In support of the students' activities, this unit places particular importance on extending mapping skills. Following units in this series develop further the key concepts introduced in Units F1 and F2, towards the overall theme of the series: Culture. The Social Literacy Project has developed this unit as part of an interdisciplinary social science course for primary and secondary schools. The goal of Social Literacy is for students to develop a framework of social concepts as tools for social understanding and active, confident social participation.

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 4.596MB), ISBN: 0-949313-68-8. Published by Social Literacy Series F.